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Latest Work


Painting on Copper

Most recently, the Twins have added copper plate as a new medium to paint on. Copper, once sealed will not tarnish and will last for ever.  There are several hundred immaculately preserved 200, 300, and 400 year old paintings found in museums, churches, palaces, castles, and private collections throughout the world as oils on copper.

We love this media because its warmth is the perfect marriage to our color pallet. Ironically we have discovered that Leonardo da Vinci did paint oils on copper and that made us even more excited about this new media.

11) Santa Maria del Fiore 12%22 x 8%22

Painting on Linen

Flax, from which linen is made, is one of the oldest agricultural
plants in the world
The poet Adalbert Stifter writes: 
"The flax plant is a friend of man’s;
this plant loves mankind.
And now I know, that this is so.
Throughout history, many artists have used linen as their canvas, the twins say: it has such a variety of textures and weights that it is so rewarding to paint on. Sometime with thick gesso is just a more durable less susceptible to expansion media - other times when using transparent gesso one can still see its distinct weave of the fabric, making the oils dancing with it. We really love that!

27) Jungle Beauty oil on linen.jpg
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